Chris’ Shower

Characters: Chris Evans the Actor

Summary: Chris enjoys some time to himself in the shower, kicking his unscheduled weekend off with a well deserved gift to himself.

Rating: Explicit 18+

Warnings: Masturbation, Mentions of Penetration

Word Count: 1,459



When the water hit his chest and shoulder, it was much cooler than expected sending a wave of goosebumps over his bare skin. Chris stepped to the side of the four-walled glass shower and turned the temperature up slowly while the stream hit his hand. Warming up quickly, he let the powerful spray of fresh clean liquid cover his shoulders, chest the bowed forward for his back. As he turned, the hot flow trickled in different trails, down and over the bumps and hills of muscles, coating his skin in tiny thick droplets. A hand went to the cold glass in front of him and he lazily stretched his neck from side to side, pooling the water and soaking his dark hair. The weight made him bow his head further.

The sore muscles from his everyday stress pulled as he relaxed, shoulders loosening to their natural place and his hair falling over his face, creating another large stream of water.

His lips were parted as the drops fell from his swollen bottom one. His eyes were closed as he reveled in the blazing blanket of liquid fire. His eyelashes clumped with the leisurely flow, thickening with the moisture and holding the water before reluctantly releasing it. A tiny stream was constant, surging down and over the tip of his long nose. In the humid and tropical space, he took a deep breath and let the mist fill his lungs before exhaling in alleviation. His crazy schedule had diminished and he had the next few days to himself. A hot shower to kick it off seemed perfect.

The thought intrigued him. He hadn’t some time to himself in quite a while. It had been busy – it always is. But with appearances and events, interviews, re-shoots and now conventions, a night to himself hiding away before escaping to Chicago for the weekend was just what he was looking forward to.

Standing still in the steaming shower, his figure lit up the extra-large five-piece in his Los Angeles home. The natural glow of his pale skin tone, his movements and a beaming light from above kept his physique in the spotlight. He now felt all of his tired and achy muscles in every part of his body with the radiating heat and the mild pain filled his mind as he stood soaking his skin. His eyelashes stuck together from the weight of the water as he opened them, peering down at his parted feet. Water flowed down his thighs and legs to the floor beneath him. He stare at the stream for seconds, watching how fast water was running, realizing how indifferent this night was for him and how he could move at his own pace.

His hands came to his hair and he pulled all of it back together, ensuring it was soaked. He turned around once under the stream, allowing his muscular build to feel the high temperature’s pressure. Moving in a relaxed state, he stretched his shoulders and neck from side to side while the water provided additional massage. He turned once again and added to the shower’s massage, twisting the middle shower head on full blast. It hit his abdomen and he watched as the water splashed against him and instantly disappeared on his skin, flowing down his Adonis and down his limp member.

The obvious thought of pleasure quickly entered his mind but he immediately shrugged it off and took another deep breath, turning once more and letting the burn of the water cover his back. This time when he turned, he felt another strong stream cascade onto his lower back and tumble down the curve of his ass. The heat was sensational, and he stood facing away from the streams. Slow and gentle back and forth half-turns were made to help with the knead of his tender flesh.

The small turns created a ripple effect, causing contraction and relief. With every movement, the rise and fall of his bulk seemed like a protrusion of strength.

Finally, he took the bar of soap on the shelf beside him and ran it under the heavy stream before facing the flowing water again and rubbing the slick solid between his strong hands.
He started with his arms that were filled with rounded builds of muscle, and prominent veins that traced the extremity down its entire length. Once it was coated with slippery white, there was no hesitation to move to the other arm, and he quickly coated that bulging limb as well, noticing the veins’ turn and travel down the inside of his arm to the back of his wrist and hand. He smirked to himself knowing the subliminal reminder it gave many of his fans.

He placed the soap back on the shelf and he turned away slowly. His hands traveled to his abs where they rubbed the remainder of the froth. In no specific motion, his fingers slipped down his own body covering stiff ripples of midsection, belly, trail, hips and Adonis. Without thinking he slyly surrounded his soft self and tugged like any man would. Another small pull gripped his thoughts and he was convinced as he tugged slower, bringing his own softness to a mild stiff. His large and thick fingers cradled the sensitive piece gently, smoothly caressing himself in pleasure. As he drew himself to hardness ever so slowly, he watched the entirety of his fingers enjoy their own private moment.
The silky cream between his hand and his hardening cock made it easy to repeat the tugs. The fulfilling sensation made his bottom lip fall open again and his eyes close once more before he entered fantasy land. To keep himself from teetering, a forearm was placed above him on the glass as he took his stance, parting his feet further and starting to stroke in a constant slow motion, allowing for his girth to harden in his hand.

With the stream of water constantly flowing on his shoulders and lower back, it kept him warm and able to keep at his intimate task.

His cupped fingers slid up and down easily along his thickness, circling at the same time. With the forward motion his hand would turn to the left, and then he would turn his fist to the right as his hand slithered back down. The rim of his soapy head was teased constantly as he brushed it and stroked all the way down to its base, carefully gathering all of his sensitivity. He knew his constant slow and self-teasing would allow for a more powerful orgasm that he aimed for.

Deep breaths followed his strokes. The muscles in his back enlarged with every breath and loosened when he exhaled. The water flow was non-existent in his mind while familiar waves of sensitivity rose and were built with every stroke. His mind raced with thoughts of thrusts and kink, delicate skin, and bare plump ass cheeks rippling with bounces, lingering on images of soft backsides and his hands trailing it while it was forced forward in front of him.

His soaked hand was at full throttle now, pumping with the soft and creamy lubrication being used to its full extent. His head wavered lightly as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Deep breaths turned into sharp ones as his hand concentrated on his rim, squeezing a little more and forcing his head to a deep shade of red. His fist pressed against the glass tightened, the muscle in his arms stiffened, his stance became wider and he let out a faint moan. Another followed as his thoughts dove their deepest into a profound exclusive sexual fantasy, allowing the peak of his climax. His hips pivoted forward and the chiseled ass indent dipped deep. One last deep inhale in was all he needed to complete the rise. A sharp gust of breath followed by a high-pitched burst of a whimper was the beginning to his end. The moment of pure ecstasy had arrived.

He opened his eyes to see his white foam covered thick erection being pulled mercilessly. His release began with long squirt after squirt of white ropes onto the tile floor between his feet as he jerked himself to his limit. Barely breathing but able to deliver quick gasps and whines, Chris finished with slow tugs, pulling the remains of his discharge from deep inside.

His hand slid off his own softening cock and his head slowly fell forward. His eyes closed once again as he fell into an after-coming coma with the tension in his physique leaving his body completely.

Without thinking twice, he turned and let the hot water rinse off the post-coital bliss that endured. As he took up the bar of soap to wash himself over again, he wondered how long it had been since he had pulled more than once, reveling in the thoughts of sexual greed.


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