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Seattle: A few weeks after they’ve first met, Chris reunites with Mike and Erica for another weekend getaway. It’s all sexy fun and games until individual personal conflicts help them each realize their not-so-typical situation, and has them questioning their future relationship(s) with one another.

Girls Weekend Chapter 1 aka Reuniting
😶 After weeks of being on the Captain America: Civil War press tour, Chris takes the well deserved time to be with the two women he met only weeks before. He joins them at a house he’s rented for the weekend.

Girls Weekend Chapter 2 aka Quick & Quiet
😍😍 Chris has sex with Erica just outside of Mike’s view.

Girls Weekend Chapter 3 aka Dinner with His Girls
😶 While Chris eats, Mike and Erica join him at the dinner table as all three share laughs. They make references to what’s been happening on the press tour and the nature of the girls while they were watching it all unfold.

Girls Weekend Chapter 4 aka Who’s In Charge?
😍 It’s Mike’s turn to have some private time with Chris. She’s in a giving mood as they pick up right where they left off before the CACW press tour began.

Girls Weekend Chapter 5 aka No More Waiting

😍😍 Chris and Erica take the time to reunite properly in the middle of the night. As Chris has become worried for Erica, he ends up saying more than expected.

Girls Weekend Chapter 6 aka Massage Oil

😍😍 Chris leaves Erica to sleep while him and Mike spend some time in the gym. Their after workout activities include some things she’s been hinting at and wanting for a while.

Girls Weekend Chapter 7 aka Breakfast

😶 Chris and Mike get out of the house for breakfast, discussing their own lives, past trials and current options, along with Erica and the girls’ fanfiction.

Ask Erica Anything

😍 TheWife101 answers reader questions as the character Erica from Girls Weekend. Nothing is off limits. She discusses sex with Chris and Mike, and she faces some of her internal hidden emotions.

Girls Weekend Chapter 8 aka Girl Talk

😶 While Chris is away for work meeting, the women catch up on what’s happened in the last twelve hours and details and emotions are spilled.

Girls Weekend Chapter 9 aka Grand Scheme

😍 Erica and Mike make out while Chris watches.

Flash Forward: NSFW Asks Pt 1

😶 Mike has to attend a family wedding and invites Erica and Chris to join her for the weekend. They end up answering NSFW questions off of Tumblr, with a twist.

Girls Weekend Chapter 10 aka Light of Day

😍😍 Erica gets to watch Mike and Chris while they’re intimate, and Mike is present during Erica and Chris’ sexual play.

Girls Weekend Chapter 11 aka The Aftermath

😶 Chris checks in on Mike’s emotional state, as Erica enters the room during their conversation.

Girls Weekend Chapter 12 aka Comfort

😍😍 While Chris prepares dinner, the girls comfort one another during an emotional time.

Girls Weekend Chapter 13 aka Stoking Fires
😶 The three characters discuss their sexual relationship and why they can’t announce their relationship publicly.

Girls Weekend Chapter 14 aka From The Heart
😍 Chris and Mike discuss the future of their relationship and how Erica fits into it.

Girls Weekend Chapter 15 aka Keep Your Voice Down

😶 Emotions run high as Chris forces Erica to confront her feelings.

Girls Weekend Chapter 16 aka Surrender
😍 Chris and Erica make love after they’ve both surrendered their emotions to one another.

Girls Weekend Chapter 17 aka Erica Unchained

😍 Chris and Erica have pillow talk, and aftercare.

Girls Weekend Chapter 18 aka Blissfully Oblivious

😶 Together and without Chris in the room, Mike and Erica discuss what’s been happening, and what could be in their future.

Girls Weekend Chapter 19 aka Power Struggle

😍 After Chris has spent alone time with Erica, he gets some privacy with Mike… until Erica arrives. They welcome her with open arms.

Girls Weekend Chapter 20 aka Three Hands
😎 😍😍 The three lay in bed and experience something different, together.

Girls Weekend Chapter 21 aka New Beginnings
😎 😶 Chris, Erica and Michaela spend some quality time with each other.

The End

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