Girls Weekend

Girls Weekend

Chicago: When two best friends are on a mini-getaway, they find themselves with the man they’ve been publicly fantasizing about. It’s not long before their secret of publishing fanfic is revealed with a twist. Recognizing they both have very distinctive needs, two different sides of Chris come into play as he takes it upon himself to keep them happy and fulfilled individually, while catering to his own needs.

A collaboration by @avenger-nerd-mom and yours truly, TheWife101.

Prequel: Chris’ Shower (one shot)
😎 😍 Chris enjoys some time to himself in the shower, kicking his unscheduled weekend off with a well deserved gift to himself.

Girls Weekend Chapter 1 aka Coincidental Circumstances
😶 Michaela and Erica spot their celebrity crush while on vacation. He introduces himself while determining what good company they would be. As laughs are shared, plans are made to get together afterwards.

Girls Weekend Chapter 2 aka Hot Tub

😶 All three characters get to know one another more intimately as they enjoy conversation in the hotel’s hot tub. First physical contact is made, a secret is revealed and more plans are anticipated.

Girls Weekend Chapter 3 aka A Grand Scheme
😶 As plans continue to unfold between the three, the girls come to terms with what may actually happen and a clever scheme is put into place without Chris’ knowledge.

Girls Weekend Chapter 4 aka Mike’s Decision

😍 Erica leaves Chris and Michaela alone, and the two become more physical with each other as they discuss their comfort zones, and what could lie ahead for them.

Girls Weekend Chapter 5 aka Something Unexpected

😍😍 While Erica is still missing in action, Michaela and Chris have their first sexual experience together.

Girls Weekend Chapter 6 aka A Dinner Toast

😶 The three meet for dinner together. As Chris and Mike’s closeness is displayed in front of Erica, her jealousy arises and the atmosphere seems awkward at times. However, it’s short lived as Chris and Erica feel sexual tension and prepare for their turn together.

Girls Weekend Chapter 7 aka Begging for Mercy

😍😍 As Mike falls asleep, Erica gets some quality time with Chris.

Girls Weekend Chapter 8 aka Everything Pink

😍😍 😠 Chris and Erica continue their sexual escapade together while Mike is asleep in another hotel room. Erica realizes just how much Chris has read of her online publications.

Girls Weekend Chapter 9 aka Erica’s Confession

😍😍 As Erica’s mind wanders post-coital, her emotions take control and she reveals some private details about herself while becoming sentimentally closer to Chris. The intimate conversation turns carnal.

Girls Weekend Chapter 10 aka Chocolate Covered Strawberries

😍😍  Chris and Erica play “Never Have I Ever” and fall into some sexy and playful personal moments before falling asleep together for the night. The next morning, Chris remembers he has a date scheduled with Mike.

Girls Weekend Chapter 11 aka Morning Workout

😍 Chris meets Mike for a workout and the two get closer in the hotel gym then they anticipate.

Girls Weekend Chapter 12 aka Morning Sex
😍😍 As Chris meets Mike back in his hotel suite, their much anticipated alone time has arrived.

Girls Weekend Chapter 13 aka Sex and Laughter

😍😍 Chris gives Mike a soothing foot rub while they enjoy some more quality time in his suite, getting to know one another more intimately… again.

Girls Weekend Chapter 14 aka Dirty Talk
😍😍 Erica wakes Chris accidentally to check on Mike, but when Chris seems playful, Erica can’t say no to his orders.

Girls Weekend Chapter 15 aka Anticipation

😶 While in their hotel room together, Mike and Erica get ready for their night at the bar and send Chris a few daring photos. When Chris can’t hold back from coming to see them, he brings his promised and personal gift for Erica.

Girls Weekend Chapter 16 aka Playing With Fire

😍😍 Chris an Erica share a sexual moment together in front of Mike. The aftermath leaves the women into a heart to heart chat, and a serious conclusion.

Girls Weekend Chapter 17 aka Wildest Dreams

😍😍 Immediately after Chris leaves the women in their hotel room, his sexual fantasies take over of what could have happened.

Girls Weekend Chapter 18 aka The Club

😶 Chris arrives to the bar after the ladies have been there for awhile. He’s noticed a mixture of their confidence and the alcohol they’ve had has taken over, and their night out apart yet ‘together’, is not what he expected.

Girls Weekend Chapter 19 aka V.I.P.
😍😍 Erica is brought into a back room of the club, greeted by an angry Chris. He tells her to show him that she still wants him.

Girls Weekend Chapter 20 aka The Ride
😍😍 Mike finds out where Erica and Chris have been. Chris tells the girls it’s time to leave, and the ride back to the hotel isn’t quite long enough.

Girls Weekend Chapter 21 aka On Edge

😶 When Erica and Mike get back to their hotel room to prepare to go to Chris’ suite, their conversation reveals more than anticipated and they both realize he’s had a major affect over each one of them.

Girls Weekend Chapter 22 aka Secret Rendezvous

😍 Mike and Erica return to Chris’ suite. As the night becomes late, they become physically closer than ever.

Girls Weekend Chapter 23 aka Until The Sun Comes Up

😍😍 Chris gives Erica what she’s been patiently waiting for… and a little bit more than expected.

Girls Weekend Chapter 24 aka In The Morning Light

😍😍 Mike and Chris spend their last erotic alone time together in the morning sunlight.

Girls Weekend Chapter 25 aka Hot Water

😍 Mike wakes first to find the other two sleeping. When she escapes for a shower, an unexpected visitor joins her.

Girls Weekend Chapter 26 aka Raw Emotions

😶 Erica has her last private moments with Chris, to say goodbye.

Girls Weekend Chapter 27 aka Separate Ways

😶 Chris says goodbye to Mike privately, and then both women are walked back to their own room for a final emotional goodbye.

Monday April 18th UPDATE:
Since going Separate Ways, Michaela has spoken to Chris a few times via text and phone call. She’s asked that he wear plaid on the press tour, but he’s denied her so far because she stole the last one. Lol

Monday April 25th UPDATE:
Erica still has not contacted Chris. So through the press tour, he’s been seen wearing the watch she chose not to take from him.

Girls Weekend Intermission Chapter #1: Mike’s Daily Connection

😍 Among the many conversations Mike and Chris have shared, this particular flirty and playful conversation that he makes during the Captain America: Civil War press tour, leads a little deeper as he teases her.

Girls Weekend Intermission Chapter #2: #TweetMe @ThePinkBride

😶 When Chris, Sebastian and Anthony prepare responses for the #TweetMe campaign, Chris is given Erica’s twitter account to respond to. He needs to determine if he should or shouldn’t respond, knowing their personal history, and her public reputation in relation to him.

Girls Weekend Intermission Chapter #3: Erica’s First Connection

😍 Chris is finally able to speak with Erica to see why she hasn’t been returning his calls. He’s able to seduce Erica by using what she’s written in her fanfic, against her.

Girls Weekend Intermission Chapter #4: Moving Forward

😶 Only days before they travel to Seattle to see Chris, the two women meet up and discuss their thoughts as to what they think will happen and where they’re both at with him.

Begin the journey to their next weekend getaway…

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GW Seattle: A few weeks after they’ve first met, Chris reunites with Mike and Erica for another weekend getaway. It’s all sexy fun and games until individual personal conflicts help them each realize their not-so-typical situation, and has them questioning their future relationship(s) with one another.




😎 Brand Spankin’ New
😶 Tame
😍 Hot
😍😍 Holy F***
😠; Agressive in Nature


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